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Top 6 Best Marketing Automation Tools to increase the productivity in day-to-day Business Activities

So when I started my career almost 3 years ago, I didn't even know what Google Sheets were. So let me tell you a story of mine...My mentor, who was trying to build a home decor startup, asked me to create a spreadsheet of all the products with their product details. And I had no idea what he meant when he told me to create a spreadsheet.

At that time, I had the company of one more girl, and she helped with this work. But that gave me a curiosity to learn a lot of new things that I had no idea ever existed.

In time, I learned a lot of skills that helped me serve a lot of clients. I have understood that when we perform lots of tasks, especially when we are a solo person working or have a team of 2–3 people, usually things can be messy as there are too many tasks that you have to manage in a day.

That forced me to learn more about marketing automation and how the implementation of some basic automation tools can help our businesses run even more efficiently.

I will mention all the tools here that helped me ease my tasks and save a lot of time for me to do research and other activities to create a stable side income.

How all these tools assisted me will require completely different posts for each tool, which I will share in my upcoming posts. So if you're not connected with me, then do connect with me to read the complete series.

Here are 6 best Marketing Automation tools to increase your productivity as a Digital Marketer:

Tool 1: Wati

It is one of the best WhatsApp APIs that I have used, and it works well for service and SAAS businesses. This platform can be integrated with many automation and CRM tools, which increases productivity and saves a lot of time in lead nurturing, follow-ups, and enhancing the topline of TOF.

Tool 2: Pabbly

This tool has helped me send almost thousands of cold emails and WhatsApp broadcasts, which has helped me save a lot of ad budget and use them in content preparation and other important tasks. This tool is best when you want to create a TOF for all your sales. It helps you to automate almost everything. Besides, it is very price-sensitive compared to its competitors, which is great when you're just starting.

Tool 3: Apollo

Apollo is by far one of the best tools to find prospects for your business, and it has helped me contact so many CEOs and CMOs of some really good and innovative startups. This tool can be used for email sequencing and exporting data from many industries. The data can be used in your email marketing campaigns and WhatsApp broadcasts.

Tool 4:

This tool can be used to extract a list of email addresses of companies for which we are doing in-depth research on how our services can help them. Now a proper pitch with complete email sequences of 5-8 emails can be used to connect with the employees of the company who are sitting in the decision-making process.

Tool 5: Data Scraper Chrome Extension

This Chrome extension can help in extracting data from GMB and many other websites, which includes some very popular sites like Crunchbase. This data can now be used in cold pitching to prospects.

Tool 6: Phantom Buster

Many times we want a list of people who appeared in a search result on LinkedIn, or people attending a certain event on LinkedIn. Well, now it's possible with PhantomBuster. This amazing tool can help you extract the data of all the people in a search list or attending any event and has many more functionalities.

Although the list can go on and on, I would like to stop here, and in the coming posts, I will be explaining how these tools can be used properly, as we don't need all the functionalities that these tools provide. We just need the things which are required for our day-to-day business activities. And that is exactly what we are going to discuss here...

Please let me know your thoughts on this in the comment section.

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